In today’s complex global economy, corporate institutions must establish the credentials of all organisations and individuals with whom they do business whether as part of good practice or in order to comply with legal requirements. Increasingly, there is a need to be vigilant in the prevention of the illegal use of money for activities such as bribery, corruption, money laundering and terrorism.

Based in the UK and Singapore, Garancie is an established independent professional services company specialising in cost-effective, rigorous and timely public record due diligence.

With an extensive understanding of the Money Laundering Regulations, The Bribery Act, The Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) and other local and global regulatory requirements, Garancie has the knowledge and experience to provide exceptional services in a large number of countries. Focusing on publicly available information and accessing primary source data, wherever possible our team of local language experts is skilled at obtaining in-country records for both individuals and companies and understanding the specific political, linguistic and economic nuances of a country.

Whether you are a small company wanting to identify and verify a potential client or business partner we can help with our Know Your Client or Individual Due Diligence reports. Or if you are a large organisation with regular checks on customers we can also help with our Customer Due Diligence reports. These are standard reports we created based on regulatory and client requirements.

However, companies have different requirements based on their business activities and the industries in which they operate where a standard report is not the answer. At Garancie we also provide our clients with Bespoke Due Diligence reports based on their exact requirements. These reports include only the requested Research Components, thus cutting the cost and the turnaround time.

We have an established track record of working with financial services companies, professional firms and other corporates where we have successfully added value to other due diligence activities such as legal, financial, appraisal and commercial.

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